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  • Operation Contacts 01

    On the job search front, I keep sending resumes out to what mostly feels like impersonal machine hive minds and not actual people looking to hire someone. This makes me sad, since every place I apply to I would love to work at. So today I am going to actually start linking this site and […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    This is not the first time I have thought or said this, but it is the first time I have put it down in writing. (or typing), and it is more of a brainstorm than a fully fleshed out design. I wish MMOs would embrace the idea of player social groups that are entities which […]

  • EQ2 UI mods

    I forgot to mention in my previous EQ2 post , that the game does have a good number of built in UI customibility as well as provide some additional user modification. Being who I am, I of course had to jump out and test a few out, settling on these: ProfitReborn EQMap With these plug […]

  • Back to Norrath: Part 2

    So it has now been a week since I started my return to Norrath, and thus far I am very impressed. I have played for a couple of hours every day and leave each session with a goal for the next; which is how I want every MMO session to end. If I ever log […]

  • Back to Norrath: Part 1

    A few weeks ago I surprised myself by installing and logging into Everquest. I had been reading about the changes that had been made to the game over the years and wanted to see them for myself. Sadly the between the games graphics and slow-dull early level fights, I did not even make it out […]