Monthly Archives: September 2007

ALT-itis 1

I seem to have been struck with this strange illness known in MMO circles as ALTitis. It is the compulsion to play several different lower level characters in a game. On my current server I now have a level 47 priest, level 23 shaman, and level 20 druid to keep […]

Alert. Alert. Server Down!

My job allows me a bit of gaming freedom, that most jobs do not. I can usually pop onto WoW a couple of times through out the day and get something done. Often its a quick daily quest, a scan of the auction house, or testing of new mods. Its […]

Link Testing

Very cool, I hooked up a bit of code from Armory Musings that creates pop ups for wow item links like so: [Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer] I also found some sites that create wow sigs pulled from wow’s armory data; Antiarc’s WoW Armory Tools and Mini Flash Armory. And for future […]

Riding on my Netherdrake

Yes it has been an unacceptable amount of time since my last post. I am a terrible blogger. 🙁 So many things going on my thoughts are chaotic. First things first. My daughter is the most amazing part of my life. I cannot even come close to describing how awesome […]