SWTOR: My First Three Weeks

Since retail pre-launch, I’ve put quite a lot of time (imo) into SWTOR.

  • Trooper – 50 hours
  • consular – 60 Hours
  • Smuggler – 32 hours
  • Knight – 26 hours
Oh gosh that’s 168 hours or 7 days!
And after doing so it was time to transcribe my thoughts from the scraps of notepaper at my desk to a more permanent format.  I threw them on into a notepad file and was going to simply leave them there since I 1) don’t really have a lot of time to write up a comprehensive commentary, and 2) am not great at writing up comprehensive commentaries.

But I figured it takes very little time to simply copy the list here and onto Google+.

So here is my list:

  • First; I like SWTOR; a lot.
  • While the UI does in fact work, I mean you can in fact play the game with the current UI, it really needs a lot of improvements.
  • I like my smuggler’s character and story, but after 22 levels I find her gameplay to be my least favorite.
  • Thinking about gameplay; for the record it is in fact a whole lot like EQ, WoW, or any of the other MMOs like those. Really nothing new there, but I’m ok with that.1
  • For me the Story hook works. I remember and could tell someone a little about each of my 4 character’s stories, and even some of their side missions.
  • There is a whole lot of ‘filler running’ in this game that I would love to be able to buy out of. Give me a shuttle directly to my ship. Please. Thanks.
  • I actually enjoy the space combat rail shooter side missions.
  • I like being able to upgrade my companions and my ship.
  • I like that I can enter a group-mates ship and they can enter mine.
  • I wish I could upgrade / customize the inside of my ship to make it my own and possibly give me some additional functions (like a mailbox).
  • I enjoy datacron hunting, and lore clickies. (I wish I was better about spotting the lore ones)
  • My companions are useful and interesting enough that I want to gain more.
  • There are some neat bits about the map, but there are also some confusing bits. (one of the many UI issues I have)
  • I was impressed by the variety of looks between the different planets.
  • I like that your light or dark side actions have some consequence in that your expanded purchase options are limited down your path.
  • I don’t like that there are no expanded purchase options available to those that are neither light nor dark side.
  • I’m also sometimes confused as to why something gives light or dark side points. Granted these times are rare, but they exist.
  • I love the KOTOR references.
  • I still have not tried any PvP.
  • Lack of auto grouping for flashpoints has not stopped me from running flashpoints.
  • I find the length and difficulty of the flashpoints I’ve run so far to be “just right”.]
  • I don’t like it when my group reaches the point where a named enemy we need for a quest should be and he is not there. Yes I want instant gratification.
  • I do like it when I (solo) reach a named enemy for a quest at the same time as someone else, and they invite me to group.
  • I think it’s cool that I can have my companion gather a resource, while I gather another one.


I’m sure I’ve got more, on both the plus and minus side, but for now I think that’s a pretty good list.


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