Raiding Rut: Nax25

Last night I was able to join a two guild joint venture into nax25. After six hours I had finally defeated all the bosses of this instance for the first time. Several previous times I had defeated various other bosses, but this was the first time I was able to experience the whole thing.

At first I thought it may have been due to spending six hours, or possibly due to the fact it that is was three in the morning when KT dropped, but I did not feel as elated over the achievement as I hoped.  Though after some sleep I am fairly sure the long run and late night had nothing to do with my feelings.

Nope, I am fairly certain it was because:

It was not really much of a challenge.

    The only real challenging part of know who could do what roles at any given fight, because of people joining and leaving the raid, and other people swapping specs. Once we had roles assigned, the fights themselves were fairly simply.  This experience just adds to my feelings that the raid members themselves are the real added challenge for 25man runs over 10man ones.

    The accomplishment netted me no rewards I valued.

    I have stated before that at this point my priest finds no value in valor emblems. Sure I can buy Epic Gems, or BoE items to sell or trade, but what I really value are items I can use right now to make myself more effective.   Once the conquest emblem change is implemented, running Nax25 will provide some reward, even if zero upgraded gear for me drops.

    Now, I have to say that the lack of elation in the completion did not detract from the fun I had during the run.  For the most part the run was smooth, organized and entertaining.

    People knew what they had to do and they did it. There were a few “headshaking and facepalm” moments, of people doing silly things, but overall people were smart.

    So I ended today asking my self:

    Would I run it again? Yes.

    Before the next patch? Probably not.


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