I’ve Been Playin’

Time again for another addition of “What I’ve Been Playing”.  This edition’s guests are Red Dead Redemption, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Alan Wake.  Although Alan Wake probably won’t make it, since he is still wrapped in plastic.

First up DDOU

This is a game I really but I have never been past level 2 any only off the starting zone for a little bit.  Last week I started playing a new character, whom was crafted by the decisions of my almost four-year-old, and has only been played when she is with me.  She has been having a blast, and it gives me a new perspective on the game.  The fact that its free to play, means I don’t see myself uninstalling it and instead enjoying it for a long time.

World of Warcraft

On my main character I have been continuing on my goal to collect 100 mounts; currently I am at 95.  I also spent some time advancing a few faction based, and old quest based goals that I had.  Though overall I am in a holding pattern with her until the next expansion, which gives me time to work on my alts; a rogue, druid, and a little bit of a pally. They are all still in the old world and I am having blast playing them.

Red Dead Redemption

I picked this up for two reasons; I like the old west setting and I enjoy “open world” games.  In the past I have not been consumer of Rockstar’s games, mostly because I am not a fan of playing a “bad guy”, so buying this was a bit of a risk for me.   I took that risk because I had heard they had implemented a system where players could pick the path of their character, and thus far its been a great being a reformed outlaw.   I suspect the story is going to take turn into darker moral grounds, but so far I am enjoying the heck out of it.

Alan Wake

I bought this, because. Umm.  I am not sure. I think I bought it because I fell victim to the hype.  I like the idea of the creepy, supernatural story game,  but I might have been a bit hasty in buying it.  I have yet to take it out of the plastic, so I ‘could’ take it back.  Though more likely I will give it a spin this weekend.  That is if I can take time away from stopping cattle rustlers and horse thieves.

2 responses to “I’ve Been Playin’”

  1. I’ve had the same issues with Rockstar games in the past but decided to take a risk on RDR based on some gameplay video. I’m glad I did, I’ve really been enjoying the game. I’m somewhere around the half-point mark in the story (I think) and so far you’ve got a lot of choice about being good or bad.

  2. @Blue Kae
    I too, am glad I took the risk. I am not making much progress in the game, since I have been spending so much time wandering around enjoying the outdoors hunting, shooting birds, collecting flowers, and helping people out. I have been very happy that the game allows me so many different options and choices things to do.

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