Category: Games

  • Tuesday Tidbit

    Feeling Powerful Last night I decided to give one of my wow alts some attention. I had a level 5 Blood Elf Rogue sitting at Falconwing Square and I decided to load her up with bags, the Heirloom shoulders and Heirloom daggers (enchanted of course).  Over the course of the evening I played her […]

  • Questions about my gaming history

    Over the years when I have interviewed at game studios I almost always get asked a few questions that are used, I guess, to find out more about an applicants gaming history/passion.  For some reason these questions make me crazy, because they seem to me more like a question people would answer over coffee or […]

  • Friday Freakout

    City of Heroes Mission Architect Farming The CoH devs have decided to crack down on MA farming, specifically badge farming. To sum up their response; say bye bye to lots of current badges. My first gut reaction was, “ugh” removing content from a game = bad. Then I started to come around a bit. Only […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    Prototype on the Xbox360 or PC? That is the question of the day. In the past I have almost always selected the PC version of a game if its available on both platforms. This was because almost always one these first three arguments heavily favored the PC; better controls, mod support , and easier access […]

  • Thurday Thoughts

    I am in a game funk; well I guess its more like an MMO funk. The other night I was starring at my computer’s desktop, trying to decide which icon to click and none of the MMO icons appealed to me. My thought process was something like: WoW? Nope. Other than raid night, I only […]

  • Sunday Drive

    A sad fact; I have not logged into the Lotro in almost 5 days. I say sad, because when I came back to the game I was so excited I was playing multiple characters at various times. Logging in several times a day, everyday. I knew when I started that it, even if I sometimes […]

  • Free Ride

    Free Realms I have not had a chance to explore all that this game has to offer, but I have played enough of it to tell that the name most definitely does not refer to the cost.  I would go so far as to say that for the target audience this game is not […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    Today I saw a tweet from a friend of mine, @dlangar , asking the world, “*can* a dev or journalism site shape the attitude of it’s community, or past a certain point is it beyond its control?” I was behind on my internet reading and before I could even respond he had written a blog […]