Thurday Thoughts

I am in a game funk; well I guess its more like an MMO funk.

The other night I was starring at my computer’s desktop, trying to decide which icon to click and none of the MMO icons appealed to me. My thought process was something like:

WoW? Nope. Other than raid night, I only log into World of Warcraft only long enough to do dailys,and fish a bit.

Lotro? Nope. I hit the burnout wall in Lotro; and when log in I have no desire to spend several hours doing things with no advancement.

CoH? Nope. City of Heroes was nice to visit last week, but my free time is over.  The the mission maps and combat are fairly repetive and dull when soloing, but group play is great and if I did have a regular set of friends playing with me I would have resubbed for a month.

Beta game? Nope. See there is a game I am beta testing; but… ahh never mind.  For full respect for the NDA and the hard working people working on the game, I am not going to say anything other than I don’t feel a strong force pulling me to play.

Then there the game that I believe is causing most of my MMO funk; Champions Online.

Yep a game that is not out yet, is the cause of my lack of MMO motivation.  I love the super hero genre, really enjoyed CoH, played a bit of the Champions PnP game as a kid, and have been interesting in Champions Online from the day it was announced. Since that day I have tried to temper my excitment with the fact that is was not going to be out for a very long time. Well a long time has passed, the release date is set (july 14th) and in the last week there has been a lot of press about the game. All of that has led to my brain shorting out a bit ;).  I simply find little reason to spend any time before Champions playing an MMO, since I know I will most likely be dropping whatever I was playing to play CO.

My options now are to shift my focus on some single player games, or somehow acquire a champions online beta key.  Since I have little influence on how Cryptic selects their beta players I am gald the latest Fallout 3 DLC was released this week, and that I finally installed Kings Bounty. At least this way if a CO beta key does not appear in my email box, I will at least have something to keep me busy.

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