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  • My third venture into EQ2: Part 3

    The Beginning Reflect arrived at Hate’s Envy a bit dazed and confused. You see it the teleportation spell that brought him here had the ill fated side effect of selective amnesia. Reflect could recall his name so when the officer in front of him started barking information and orders, he knew it was to him […]

  • My third venture into EQ2: Part 2

    I am back sooner than I even thought to continue recording some of my thoughts on my third visit back to Everquest 2.  I left off last time clicking “enter world”, and thus I will pick up with User Interference After selecting a name for my character that was accepted, I was thrust into […]

  • My third venture into EQ2: Part 1

    With all the talk last week about Everquest 2, I decided it was time I took fresh look at the game. First some history I played a lot of Everquest. I was never a raider nor did I make it to max level, but I played a lot. I was excited about EQ2, so much […]

  • Taking heat for dissecting a game

    Over the last couple of days there has been a bit a stir in the MMO blogging community, mostly because of a post on Wolfshead Online where he decided to take a critical look at EQ2’s first 15 minutes. I love this kind of post, because I enjoy when people really look at a specific […]

  • EQ2 UI mods

    I forgot to mention in my previous EQ2 post , that the game does have a good number of built in UI customibility as well as provide some additional user modification. Being who I am, I of course had to jump out and test a few out, settling on these: ProfitReborn EQMap With these plug […]

  • Back to Norrath: Part 2

    So it has now been a week since I started my return to Norrath, and thus far I am very impressed. I have played for a couple of hours every day and leave each session with a goal for the next; which is how I want every MMO session to end. If I ever log […]

  • Back to Norrath: Part 1

    A few weeks ago I surprised myself by installing and logging into Everquest. I had been reading about the changes that had been made to the game over the years and wanted to see them for myself. Sadly the between the games graphics and slow-dull early level fights, I did not even make it out […]