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  • Thursday Thoughts: Tokens and Badges and Emblems, oh my!

    Disclaimer: This is a rant, and a bit of QQ on my part.  It is also a bit long winded, which will seem very normal for those who know me. If you want “the point” then jump to the full post and read the last section. My History A quick trip in the not […]

  • Different Raid Group, Different Tactics.

    I am amazed at how differently one raid group will tackle a boss compared to another. I usually try to run with people I have raided with before, and most of the time with raid leaders I have run with before. This leads to me getting very used to doing things a particular way, but […]

  • Life at the cap.

    For the last two weeks I have only logged into World of Warcraft to raid and the sad part is I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. Well that is not entirely true; I do miss out on some socializing. Though when I think about the game play and ways to advance […]