Category: Musings

  • Taking heat for dissecting a game

    Over the last couple of days there has been a bit a stir in the MMO blogging community, mostly because of a post on Wolfshead Online where he decided to take a critical look at EQ2’s first 15 minutes. I love this kind of post, because I enjoy when people really look at a specific […]

  • My MMO History

    My MMO History: A Working Draft I saw several other bloggers posting their MMO histories and I decided for the sake of my own history, I should build upon my previous list and make it an ongoing project. The first step was to take my list and put it in basic chronological order along with […]

  • Away from keyboard

    This week our family took a short trip out of town to visit family members out in Arkansas. While I did have internet access back at the hotel, my time browsing was limited and I did not have access to games; including WoW. Upon returning home, I was actually a bit surprised that I was […]

  • Monday Madness

    There has been a lot of news the last few weeks, and most of it covered sufficently by the big sites, more “real” bloggers, and the twitterverse. Thus every time I have sat down to try and write a post I have stopped by thinking, “This has been talked about enough by others, and I […]

  • Some Movie Posters

    An old friend of mine has a new movie review based blog; Babble-on 5. Today he poster his top five movie posters, and while I think the five he picked are great there are several more I would have to consider for my list. I am sure given more time I could find many more. […]

  • Questions about my gaming history

    Over the years when I have interviewed at game studios I almost always get asked a few questions that are used, I guess, to find out more about an applicants gaming history/passion.  For some reason these questions make me crazy, because they seem to me more like a question people would answer over coffee or […]