Tag: Crafting

  • Craft This

    After reading a some blogs and tweets about MMO crafting I wanted to off and write a giant post explaining where I currently stand on crafting. I wanted to talk about where I see game doing well, where I see games failing, where I would like to see game go and so on.  Then […]

  • Lotro Crafting Identifying Scholar and Jeweler components

    Since I have yet to actively work with scholar’s and jewelers I have had a bit of trouble identitfying which compents are used at which levels in those professions.  This lack of knowledge leads to confusion when trying to clean out my bags, so I did a bit of research today and put together […]

  • Lotro Crafting Trophy list part 2

    My lotro minstrel is into his 30’s I figured it was time to update my list of crafting trophy items. I is posted after the break and updated last on 03/30/09.   Do note that I do know I don’t have them all, and they are not sorted very well, so I am again […]

  • Quick lotro tip

    I keep collecting trophies items with tooltips that say on them “used in crafting”. With such a wonderful descriptions I just kept hording them all and figured I would figure out their true use some day. Well that day is here, they appear to be most often used on the mastery tab of an item […]