Lotro Crafting Trophy list part 2

My lotro minstrel is into his 30’s I figured it was time to update my list of crafting trophy items. I is posted after the break and updated last on 03/30/09.   Do note that I do know I don’t have them all, and they are not sorted very well, so I am again passing along some lorebook searches; Item level 1-20 and Item level 20-40

Mastery trophy items by profession

(updated 03/30/09)

Weapon Smith

  • Torn claw
  • Blackened Claw
  • Dusky claw
  • Flawed claw
  • Grey claw
  • Yellowed claw
  • Asht’s tooth


  • Torn claw
  • Grey claw
  • Broken heartwood
  • Flawed heartwood
  • Delicate wing
  • Delicate horn


  • Torn claw
  • Blackened Tail
  • Ragged Tail
  • Broken root


  • Dismal treasure
  • Small treasure
  • Tarnished Treasure
  • Dusky claws
  • Large Treasure
  • Stained treasure


  • small intestine
  • crushed intestine
  • torn intestine


  • clouded eye
  • Dark eye
  • Red eye
  • Grey eye

Metal worker

  • blackened tail
  • Broken Heartwood
  • Dusky Claw
  • Ragged tail
  • Large Skull

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