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  • A Long Weekend

    Over this long weekend I had some extra gaming time, which then led to me commenting out loud (to no one) about the games I was playing as well as games I was reading about.  Talking to myself is bad enough, but not recording the conversation so I can listen to myself at a later […]

  • Frantic Friday

    While I was thinking about a quick post about things I was playing, watching, listening to, all the talk about Lord of the Rings Online going F2P helped tipped my hand.   Thus here I am actually sitting down to type out words on the blog. LOTRO F2P I have not even started to read everything […]

  • My look back at 2009

    I thought a lot this week about my 2009 games of the year, as I saw gaming sites all over the internet posting their lists in various different formats.   I was going to skip the whole thing, because I did not want to be a “me too” poster.  Then I took a pause today and […]

  • Free Ride

    Free Realms I have not had a chance to explore all that this game has to offer, but I have played enough of it to tell that the name most definitely does not refer to the cost.  I would go so far as to say that for the target audience this game is not […]

  • Free Ride

    Yesterday I stumbled upon a FlyFF and Rappelz, both of which are several years old and yet for some crazy reason I downloaded them. Today after installation and account creation I played both for a very short bit, during which I took a few notes.

  • RoM: Magically delicious to play for free

    Today marked the official launch of Runes of Magic; a free to play MMO that looks a lot on the surface like World of Warcraft.  I am not about to start a debate about how good RoM is or how it compares to WoW, I am just saying the developers made it a point […]

  • Free Ride

    I am trying to continue trying out some of the Free MMORPGs that are available; giving them all some time so I can have a better idea of what sort of games are out there. This week I finally got around to trying out Runes of Magic. More on it a bit further down the […]

  • Free Ride

    I have been doing a bit of research checking out some of the free to play games out there. When I do I will try to jot down some thoughts and post them here in the Free Ride sections of my mind. Yesterday, I downloaded and installed Perfect World International. Thus far I only have […]