Frantic Friday

While I was thinking about a quick post about things I was playing, watching, listening to, all the talk about Lord of the Rings Online going F2P helped tipped my hand.   Thus here I am actually sitting down to type out words on the blog.

I have not even started to read everything people have said about this move to F2p, but I see there is a lot of conversation about it.  From a quick glance there is some positive, some negative, some a bit crazy,  and a few of my friends believe its a sign of the future; F2P is the way “all” future MMOs will use.

I have believe for some time that there would be some games that benefit greatly from this F2P (terrible name btw) payment structure.  I also believed that as long as there are brick and mortar stores that some games will offer a box on shelves.  Oh and ya, games will (for at least the next generation of MMOs) exist that continue on with a more old school / traditional monthly subscription model.

Though to me none of that really matters when it comes to LOTRO going F2p.   My gut reaction to this was that I guess the game was not doing as well as I thought it was.  That based on their experience with DDO they felt the game  had a low enough number of current subscribers that moving to the “buy as you want to consume” payment structure was going to make them more money.   And to that I say “Good for you WB Turbine! Good for you.”

So while I have several questions / reservations about the system, I know there is much higher chance now that the game will be installed on my PC after it goes “f2p”.   Which means I am one step closer to paying for it than I am now, and that is WB Turbine’s goal.

Life Updates
Now for a quick fire update on other things:

  • Still playing wow: Closing in on 100 mounts for my priest (my main). While my rogue is 63, my druid is 38, and my pally is back on hold while I work on the other two.
  • Other games: Time in the day is limited and I while I have enjoyed RDR, Alan Wake, Demons Souls, and Uncharted 2; I have simply not spend the time to play more of them.
  • New PC: For the first time in over 10 years I am not building a new PC on my own. Instead I ordered a system from a company recommended to me by a friend. I expect it to arrive in about 10 days, and if it works out I will share the name of the company and the specs.
  • Lost: Its over and I enjoyed it. Yes it had some rocky episodes  but overall I liked it right up to the very end.
  • My Daughter is 4! Oh my those years went by fast.

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