Tag: Runes of Magic

  • My look back at 2009

    I thought a lot this week about my 2009 games of the year, as I saw gaming sites all over the internet posting their lists in various different formats.   I was going to skip the whole thing, because I did not want to be a “me too” poster.  Then I took a pause today and […]

  • RoM: Magically delicious to play for free

    Today marked the official launch of Runes of Magic; a free to play MMO that looks a lot on the surface like World of Warcraft.  I am not about to start a debate about how good RoM is or how it compares to WoW, I am just saying the developers made it a point […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    I have had a bit of writers block this week, even though there has been plenty to chat about. I guess I just have not been able to gather any subset of my thoughts up into a cohesive chunk. So instead, since this is my blog and I can make up the rules, I am […]

  • Free Ride

    I am trying to continue trying out some of the Free MMORPGs that are available; giving them all some time so I can have a better idea of what sort of games are out there. This week I finally got around to trying out Runes of Magic. More on it a bit further down the […]