Thursday Thoughts

I have had a bit of writers block this week, even though there has been plenty to chat about. I guess I just have not been able to gather any subset of my thoughts up into a cohesive chunk. So instead, since this is my blog and I can make up the rules, I am just going to jot down some thoughts on several topics.

Job Hunting
There are several studios that still have jobs posted on their sites, but alas I can not seem to get a real person to reply back to me. I understand wanting to pass on me, but some feedback about it would be great. I really do wish I could communicate directly to someone about positions, instead of emailing generic job addresses.

Still working my way through my backlog of Fringe episodes. After I watched the first two episodes, I was not super impressed and thus just let episodes gather up on my Tivo. Eventually I had enough friends tell me how good it was that I started watching them again; I am now seven episodes in and darn it, the show is good.   So glad I caved into the peer pressure.

I have watched the first four episodes, and I am not really sure why I keep going back. I like the character of the “handler” but could pretty much do without anyone else. The plot of each episode is dull, and the meta plot is moving meta slow. Yet I keep going back week after week waiting, hoping, that some of the greatness that was Buff, Angel, and Firefly will slip through.

Big patch this week. Lots of class and game balance changes, changes to starting zones, and apparently a good chunk of end game content. Though most changes have little direct impact on me:

1)Â Since I am still very much learning the game, the class/game changes are essentially invisible to me.
2) I already have several characters I am player all past the newbie areas, so until I start a new character those changes are invisible.
3) I don’t have any max level characters, so changes to the end game have zero impact on me.

The only change that really hit me is the the leveling curve changes. With it most of my characters gained three levels, and ideally the time for them to hit max level should now be lessened.  Sadly though, I am in the dead zone for Lotro content patches, there is little incentive for Turbine to add content in for those levels 20-50. I understand this and its the case with all MMOs the early levels need to change as to continue to draw people in, and the end level needs continual new content to keep people playing, but the middle it just needs to go by quicker.

Popped on again this weekend for a bit of Raiding and am beginning to realize the extent of my burnout. With the lack of things to buy with the Emblems of Heroism, the current 10man raids do not really offer me any incentive to run them and the biggest challenges to 25mans is people and lag.   Looking forward to the patch used to excite me, but now all I see is beating my head against the wall of Raid progression and for what?

From what I am reading the only new content in the patch is a Raid instance. That means the only new thing we have to do or see will invovle throwing ourselves against that raid with the only reward being the ability to do that raid better. *sigh* In my world you never release new “raid” content, without also releasing new “group” content, and new “Solo” content.  This does more than provide different types of players content, but it also rewards Raid players with the ability to do the group and solo content “better” with the rewards gained from raiding.

The worst part was I thought blizzard had learned that lesson back with patch 2.4. That patch opened up the entire Isle of Quel’Danas, it included solo daily content, a 5 man instance and a new 25man instance. If they had been using the 10/25 man raid system they have now that would have been a perfect content patch, but even without it I think its better than just shipping a patch with only raid content.  Apparently blizzard sees only two options for level 80 content raids and pvp, I have no interest in pvp and raiding alone tends to burn me out. *shrug*

Runes of Magic
I did go play more of this, enough in beta to get my rogue to level 10. While the art look is a bit nutty, and the world feels a bit small, they sure did pack a lot of features into this free-to-play mmorpg.  I can see where it might start to feel a bit grindy having to level up two classes with each character, but I would love to get some friends together and try really playing it.    There is a lot of potential in this game.

That’s all for now
As I said at the start I have a bit of writer’s block/chaos, I will try again tomorrow to post something more concise.

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