Games I played; the 2022 edition

Whoa 2022 was a crazy year of video gaming for me. My list of games played is longer than most years, and while I didn’t finish them all I finished quite a lot of them.  Also while I did consume a bit of other media, my overall engagement in TV, […]

Yakuza Zero Wrap Up

Last night, after almost 90hrs I finished Yakuza 0, and I have thoughts.  Spoilers:  It is a TOP tier game, and I loved it. Before I say more, I have to thank @CohhCarnage /, since before watching him play some of Yakuza 7 I had not given any of […]

Starfield Gameplay Trailer Thoughts (2022)

I have several games from my teenage years that I consider making up my “gamer DNA”.  One of those games is 1986’s Starflight. In this game you are the captain of a star ship exploring the galaxy. You are free to go where you want, limited by your resources, and […]

Games list of 2021

In no particular order here are games I didn’t work on that I played a lot of (maybe not finished), and enjoyed in 2021. Outriders [edited addition] Mass Effect Legendary Edition (how did I forget playing all three of these games?) Persona 5 Demon’s Souls Remake Halo Infinite Black Desert […]

Outriders Demo First Impressions

Last night I gave the Outriders Demo (sci-fi 3rd person shooter/ action rpg) a couple of hours of my time, playing solo. I’m still forming my opinion about the game, but I did want to record my first impressions, thoughts, things that jumped out at me. Time for a bullet […]

Valheim Week 1

What Hooked Me? I was introduced to this game a couple of weeks back, and a friend spoke highly of it, but it had one big issue; it was a “survival” game. I generally find these sorts of games not ‘sticky’ for me. I jump in excited to explore and […]

Games Lists of 2018

I’m not sure what happened with my 2017 lists, I’ll need to go track it down. Though before I misplace things again here are my games lists of 2018.  I feel as though I’m missing something so there might be a edit or two, but for now I present: 2018 […]

Game Lists of 2016

It is the end of the year and I figured, because lists are fun (right?), I should do the thing where I make a list of my favorite games I played in 2016. Once I started I realized I really needed two lists, one for games that were really awesome […]