Author: MrAnderson

  • Letter to my blog

    Dear blog, With all my heart I want to apologize for neglecting you for the last several weeks. It’s not you, it’s me. Things have changed blog and I have been, umm, busy. No, there is not another blog. Please don’t cry.

  • Wednesday Wobble

    Twitter It was about five months ago when I decided to jump into the world of twitter and since then twitter has become for me a sort of proxy for listening and chatting at the “watercooler” (at ensemble it was really the coffee maker).  I am naturally a sort of internet lurker, tending to […]

  • Movie Watch

    Star Trek = Good. No, it was really good. So good I am trying to encourage everyone to go see it. Support this movie, because I want more of this Star Trekk and I want it soon. It was so entertaining in fact that it made me do a quick review of movies I have […]

  • Thurday Thoughts

    I am in a game funk; well I guess its more like an MMO funk. The other night I was starring at my computer’s desktop, trying to decide which icon to click and none of the MMO icons appealed to me. My thought process was something like: WoW? Nope. Other than raid night, I only […]

  • Sunday Drive

    A sad fact; I have not logged into the Lotro in almost 5 days. I say sad, because when I came back to the game I was so excited I was playing multiple characters at various times. Logging in several times a day, everyday. I knew when I started that it, even if I sometimes […]

  • Operation Contacts 01

    On the job search front, I keep sending resumes out to what mostly feels like impersonal machine hive minds and not actual people looking to hire someone. This makes me sad, since every place I apply to I would love to work at. So today I am going to actually start linking this site and […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    This is not the first time I have thought or said this, but it is the first time I have put it down in writing. (or typing), and it is more of a brainstorm than a fully fleshed out design. I wish MMOs would embrace the idea of player social groups that are entities which […]