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  • A Long Weekend

    Over this long weekend I had some extra gaming time, which then led to me commenting out loud (to no one) about the games I was playing as well as games I was reading about.  Talking to myself is bad enough, but not recording the conversation so I can listen to myself at a later […]

  • What I’ve Been Playing

    Last week our family had to face the death of our long time canine companion, and that event weighed me down a lot.  In response this week consisted of a bit less “playing” and a bit more sleeping, though here is my quick list of things I played last week. Everquest 2 I toyed around […]

  • Gaming SitRep

    The Situation Returning to limited play time that comes with work was a bit jarring.   Over the holidays I could slip off almost anytime and sneak some play time in, while being at work for 10-12 hours a day limits that dramatically.  I have settled back into a good routine and am wonderfully grateful for […]

  • EQ2 “ugly” and “good”

    After three weeks of playing I have found several items that have struck me as much better than my previous impressions led me to believe. Though before I start that list I wanted to re-iterate the three items I feel EQ2 is most ‘hurt’ by.  These items are subjective, of course but I wanted to […]

  • Back into the Everquest 2 Breach

    Yes it is true I am playing Everquest 2 once more. It all started a couple of weeks ago my wife and I chatted once again about playing an MMO together.  I thought for a bit about trying Everquest 2 with her, and when I looked at my account status I discovered Sony had reactivated […]

  • My third venture into EQ2: Part 3

    The Beginning Reflect arrived at Hate’s Envy a bit dazed and confused. You see it the teleportation spell that brought him here had the ill fated side effect of selective amnesia. Reflect could recall his name so when the officer in front of him started barking information and orders, he knew it was to him […]

  • My third venture into EQ2: Part 2

    I am back sooner than I even thought to continue recording some of my thoughts on my third visit back to Everquest 2.  I left off last time clicking “enter world”, and thus I will pick up with User Interference After selecting a name for my character that was accepted, I was thrust into […]

  • My third venture into EQ2: Part 1

    With all the talk last week about Everquest 2, I decided it was time I took fresh look at the game. First some history I played a lot of Everquest. I was never a raider nor did I make it to max level, but I played a lot. I was excited about EQ2, so much […]