What I’ve Been Playing

Last week our family had to face the death of our long time canine companion, and that event weighed me down a lot.  In response this week consisted of a bit less “playing” and a bit more sleeping, though here is my quick list of things I played last week.

Everquest 2
I toyed around a bit with my characters, but did not spend a whole lot of time playing EQ2 last week.   Actually as the leveling up, in both tradeskills and adventuring, slows down I started thinking I might need a break.  I enjoy the depth of activities and character/guild growth the fame offers but I miss the connections I had in the past with some friends here in town that are playing another game.

Which leads me to ….

World of Warcraft
So a strange combination of events all struck at once.  First I start feeling like I need a bit of a break from EQ2.  Then a friend of mine and his wife started playing wow again.  And finally Blizzard, with their mind reading devices knew I was thinking of playing again so they gave me 7 free days of play time.  Those three events were enough to get me to reinstall and log back for the first time in six months.

  • Visit one: Say hello to guild mates that are still around, meet some new members, and get my UI back to a functional state.
  • Visit two: Have some guild friends run me through the three new 5-man instances and get my “sea legs” back.
  • Visit three: Started back on daily quests to grab one last Tourney item I wanted, and did my first true random heroic five man PUG.
  • Visit four: Daily quests. Did the two new boss I had not seen yet in a pug VOA25. This was with a couple of guildies and we chatted about raiding on vent.  Had a quick visit to a Battleground.
  • Visit five: Daily quests. Another 5-man. Resubscribed.

Yep. It took five visits back to wow before blizzard had me on the hook. My current plan is to hunt down some upgrades in 5-mans, and be available to help guild friends out all while I work on leveling up some alts.  I am not sure if I am going to start raiding again, and if I do I don’t have plans to raid as much as I did before.  This should hopefully keep me from getting as burned out as I did previously.

Starcraft 2 Beta
There are several of us in the office that have beta keys, though no one is as bad as I am. Still though I am sometimes convinced to jump in and give it a go. I really look forward to their campaign game and comp stomps, but I have basically zero interest in competitive MP.

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