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  • Random late thoughts on Diablo IV beta

  • Rifting on Classes and Souls

    First Choice Beta three was my first foray into Rift, and my plan was to try and stick to one character up to level cap. So as the game was loading up I was thinking that I really wanted to play a DPS character. Of course when faced with the class selection screen my healing […]

  • 2010 Holiday Gaming Update

    Holiday Gaming Grab Over the holiday’s due to some great sales I acquired a few new (to me) games and I wanted to record their purchase: Fallout New Vegas  $30 Steam Call of Duty: Black Ops $30 Amazon The Witcher $5 Steam Prince of Persia (2008) $5 Steam Battlefield Bad Company 2 $5 Steam Uncharted: […]

  • Seven Bruises of STO Beta

    This past weekend I gave a few more hours of time to playing the Star Trek Online open beta.  While I have enjoyed some parts of the game, there is an uncanny valley between the game Cryptic is offering and the Trek game I would love. Anyhow, there are a few things I encountered  over […]

  • Champions Online Open Beta Part 3

    Day 3 Again with Costumes I started day three of the open beta with an attempt at recreating another one of my City of Heroes characters. It was… interesting. I find in many ways the Champions Costume editor to offer a broader variety of piece types, while at the same time feeling as though it […]

  • Champions Online Open Beta Part 2

    Day 2 Continued: Costumes The champions character / costume creator has a lot of options, but it also has some quirks I just don’t understand. For example I select Robotic with both arms as my overall chest type, then under chest and arms I have several “material” options; cloth tight, leather tight, metal tight, and […]

  • Champions Online Open Beta Part 1

    Day 1 A patching nightmare. While I want to take Cryptic’s response at face value, I know how much spin happens in the industry; particularly when something bad happens.  The good news it happened in the beta, and they have a couple of weeks to try and fix it. Yes the latest installer from […]

  • Some thoughts on a beta I can’t mention

    Champions Online Oops, I did mention it though I only do so because I waited until after the NDA dropped to publish this. Some notes: This is not a review or even a preview. It is simply practically a stream of consciousness list of my thoughts as I took a look at the game. The […]