Champions Online Open Beta Part 1

Day 1

A patching nightmare. While I want to take Cryptic’s response at face value, I know how much spin happens in the industry; particularly when something bad happens.  The good news it happened in the beta, and they have a couple of weeks to try and fix it.

Yes the latest installer from Fileplanet will work without patching now, but that just bought Cryptic some time. They need to address the real problems before launch.

Day 2 – quick character creation

I finally get to get in and play again.

I still don’t know why different frameworks have different recommended Stats. I would love to see hyperlinks used on the framework page. Example, click on endurance and a small window pops up to tell you want endurance does.

Jumped in with a random all character, to then customize. Found a coupe of small bugs, nothing major:

On the male, chest area customization page you can end up with enough options on the left side that they don’t fit the window, and there is no scroll bar.

The random selection gave me a robotic right arm, yet under “right arm” it lists my costume piece as “???”.

Best addition, which may have been in before, but I had not made characters since the first day I joined the closed beta, Save and load of characters. Thank you Cryptic.

Day 2 – Tutorial again

As expected there were a ton of tutorial zone instances, and I really think they should polish the instance display up a bit.

When I finally made it back into the tutorial I first noticed that Perf. is not much better than it was last week, and in some cases worse. Seems to be a combination of client side framerate (aka get a better computer) and some client-server lag.

Large paragraphs of information and quest text are unchanged, and I still have not found a way to increase the font size of that text.

I did find a few more quests that I had missed in previous playings. This was nice and rewarded me for exploring.

The tutorial end boss seemed a bit easier than the last time I fought him. He was still fun.

Day 2 – Off to the desert

Last time I played I focused on playing through the beginning Canadian zone so this time Zulmat, my unwilling hero of the dark arts, headed off to the desert seeking Powe…*cough* ways to help people.

First stop the powerhouse. I must take time to meditate there and decipher these texts. I Believe I may have unlocked a base form of astral travel and the ability to bind, for a short time, lightning to an area. Yes. YES! I can feel the powers of shadow and magic flowing stronger in my veins. I must now see if someone will reward me for unleashing my powER!

Irradiated mutants.
They give off such a putrid order and their auras are corrupted. It appears they have overrun this military installation and I have been tasked to help contain them. First up clearing a courtyard and rescuing some scientists; I care little of the puny men of science, but I am excited to put to practice a newly uncovered spell.

Yet before I do, I sense a strong aura. One much attuned to binding the powers of beyond. She sensed me coming of course , and she offers to teach me how to craft new items of power. Amazing I thought these techniques long lost. I have much to learn, but I must have the power so I will play the role of diligent student. For now.

This area is very dangerous, and I found my character defeated a couple of time. It is so easy to aggro several packs of irradiates, or worse one of the spec ops soliders. Ouch. Though an hour later I sent out of the base center and out to the desert, that seemed like a good place for me to stop for now.

Again I did not group with anyone, but I am hopeful that I may be able to meet up with some friends tonight.

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