Champions Online Open Beta Part 2

Day 2 Continued: Costumes

The champions character / costume creator has a lot of options, but it also has some quirks I just don’t understand.

For example I select Robotic with both arms as my overall chest type, then under chest and arms I have several “material” options; cloth tight, leather tight, metal tight, and cyborg specific. Those all open up other options. Great, I continue on picking options , but then decide I only want one arm to be robotic.

No problem I just pick robot left arm from the overall type, right? WRONG. When I do that I lose almost all my chest and arms options. I am left with only being able to pick a “pattern” from a list of about ten.  What the heck? I should have access to pretty much same options whether I have 2 robotic arms , 1, or none.

I suspect that I just do not understand how the creator options all tie together and in the end I was able to make get characters with looks I liked.  I do have a sneaky suspicion there are several more costume pieces ready to go, but will only be available via “micro transactions” and worse that Cryptic will use such transactions heavily.

Anyway, I had now two characters I was mostly happy with I took the time to save their costumes out and get a couple of screen shots.

Zulmat The Shadow Sorcerer
Zulmat, the shadow sorcerer
Cytra, watch out she zaps.
Cytra; watch out she zaps.

The next step was to is to get Cytra through the tutorial so I can meet up with some friends in the desert. Lucky for me I have done the tutorial a few times.

Day 2: Grouping

Cytra completed her part in saving the city and arrived in the desert. It did not take long before she was grouped up with a couple of old friends; Ascentiant and Nyteraven. Together we we reclaimed the Project Greenskin base, and then started working on bringing peace to the surrounding areas.

It was a blast, but one fraught with unpolished little issues. I am not going to list them all here,but I will point out a couple.

There is a compass, but no use of a waypoint marker, which seems like a silly thing to not have.

Next some quests the entire group gets credit for actions a single member takes, but others quests only the action taker gets credit. I could accept the inconsistency if they were logical , following some sort of pattern, but I have not noticed one.

I feel another loss is the fact that group members/leader have no way to see what quests other member have or their progress. This is very odd considering games like CoH and LoTro have some basic functionality to see other members missions.

Overall, even with all of us filling the classic DPS role we were successful (reaching level 10) and had pretty good time. I do have a couple of long term concerns, but I want to at least get several more levels and maybe some play in other zones under my belt before I start talking about them.

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