Raiding Update

Since its been almost two weeks since my last update, I figure it was time for another quick report. First up our time in …

Ulduar 10

Great progress has been made! Our last two runs have ended with us standing in Yog’s run. The first time was just a fun run to see what the first phase looked like. The next time we actually made it out of phase 1, and saw part of Yog himself.

It has been a lot of fun, last week in particular. We had some seriously silly wipes and everyone was in a great spirits.  The game is a lot more fun when people are actually enjoying themselves and not getting frustrated on boss attempts.

Loot distribution has still been an issue that frustrates pretty much all of us. The pool of people we have that are skilled enough and available to go normal ends up with a group that is heavy on some token groups and light on the others.  Example:

The Rogue, DK, Mage, Druid token will drop and we only have one of those classes. Which is good for them, the first time (and maybe the second time) the token drops, but after that it just rots.  On the flip side if the pally, priest, warlock token drops we have five to six people rolling.

Overall when we have the people, its a blast and the loot issue just because something we laugh at.


I have been able to squeeze into a Nax25 raid out guild has been doing with another , and its been rather fun. I would rather that we used that raid time to start working on ulduar, but at least we are clearing nax and having fun doing it.

Sometimes there is loot drama, but that’s to be expected since we don’t use a point system. Luckily the drama has been light and has not stopped the raid from continuing to run.

Game Status

My personal level of WoW excitement is a bit up and down. I am thinking its about time for a break and would love it if one or two of my real life friends would try EQ2 or another MMO out with me. I mention EQ2 because I have really been enjoying my short daily trips into norrath during this trial period.  Though I know as soon as we started the patch would drop and I would want to see the new content.

Champions Online is also not that far off, and I am really hoping it turns out to not be terrible since I love the concept of power customization. Maybe if I am lucky I will finally get an open beta key.

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