Quick Ulduar 10 update

Last night was one of our best Friday night runs yet. We downed the first eleven bosses, most in 1 attempt, and many in new record times.

Though I was feeling sick the whole time and it got worse as the night went on, and I am not happy with my overall performance.  I even started the raid in my questing shadow talents spec, and was worthless in the razorscale fight. By the time we got to Mimiron I was wasted with nausea, and am surprised I kept it together at all.

I was also sad that once again no upgrades for me. Only one healy priesty item dropped that I needed, the t8 pants token, and I lost the roll.  One day I will walk out of Ulduar with some new gear, one day!

Good news is that tonight we can start at the general, a fight we have been getting much better at every week. I hope we can get him down in a minimum number of attempts so we can maximize our attempts on Yogg-Saron.

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