Cryptic sold out.

I was not actually considering a lifetime subscription to champions, but the six month offer was tempting. Apparently Cryptic made the decision for me, since they forgot to tell anyone until last night that there was only a limited supply of the special offers.

Asking people to commit to something before being able to take the actual product (nonbeta) out for a test drive was a bit of a stretch, felt sort of slimy to me.  But they one upped themselves by pulling their offer a full six days before its scheduled end; which comes off to me as smelling really bad. I mean if you knew you were only going to be able to offer, for whatever reason, a set number of specials then you should have let people know that up front.

This whole makes me think that they are covering for someone, somewhere screwing up and it does not cultivate a happy community.

Oh, and as of last night resource drop nerfs are still in effect. This coupled with the current (high) repec costs has basically killed one of my favorite aspects of the game.   I really enjoyed being able to test power combos , while out doing real game activities, and I was (and still am) advocating a the ability to undo all my choices. Yet the very low resource drop rate, and the high cost of undos have made that testing of powers something of the past.

Edit: Cryptic responds on Massively about the issue, and refer people to an original forum post made about the offer, where they mention limited supplies.

Both of these offers are only going to be around until supplies last, so sign up while you still can.

I don’t recall seeing that post before, and I don’t recall seeing that line about limited supplies mentioned on the actual promotion page or on any of the news stories about it. For grins I thought I would do run some google news searches and none of the stories I saw (granted I did not search that long) quoted, linked, or mentioned that forum post. Instead they linked to the promo page; which is where I believe any limitations should have been posted.  But in the end I guess Cryptic covered themselves.

To me I still think the whole promo offer a bit slimy from the start.


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