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  • Alyxa “Patience” Marks, Champion

    I have little back stories for almost all of my MMO characters rattling around in my head. This time I thought I would take a quick bit of time and record a rough idea I have for my first Champions Online (retail) character. Captain Alyxa Marks, code named Patience for named for he ability to […]

  • Cryptic Restocks

    It appears that Cryptic is going to do the “right” thing and reinstate their pre-order specials until the previously announced deadline. This time with no supply limit. After further consideration, and to meet the needs of our community, we have decided to reinstate the Lifetime and 6-month subscription promotional programs with no supply limit until […]

  • Cryptic sold out.

    I was not actually considering a lifetime subscription to champions, but the six month offer was tempting. Apparently Cryptic made the decision for me, since they forgot to tell anyone until last night that there was only a limited supply of the special offers. Asking people to commit to something before being able to take […]

  • Champions Online Open Beta Part 3

    Day 3 Again with Costumes I started day three of the open beta with an attempt at recreating another one of my City of Heroes characters. It was… interesting. I find in many ways the Champions Costume editor to offer a broader variety of piece types, while at the same time feeling as though it […]

  • Champions Online Open Beta Part 2

    Day 2 Continued: Costumes The champions character / costume creator has a lot of options, but it also has some quirks I just don’t understand. For example I select Robotic with both arms as my overall chest type, then under chest and arms I have several “material” options; cloth tight, leather tight, metal tight, and […]

  • Champions Online Open Beta Part 1

    Day 1 A patching nightmare. While I want to take Cryptic’s response at face value, I know how much spin happens in the industry; particularly when something bad happens.  The good news it happened in the beta, and they have a couple of weeks to try and fix it. Yes the latest installer from […]

  • The Powerhouse

    I think all MMO players should at least try Champions Online to at least experience the Powerhouse. This is something which I feel any game that requires players to pick talents, abilities, skills, or what not should have something similar to. As with most MMOs as you gain levels you gain abilities and other improvements, […]

  • Some thoughts on a beta I can’t mention

    Champions Online Oops, I did mention it though I only do so because I waited until after the NDA dropped to publish this. Some notes: This is not a review or even a preview. It is simply practically a stream of consciousness list of my thoughts as I took a look at the game. The […]