Blogging Block

Lately It’s been hard for me to actually finish a blog post. Here is what generally happens:

  • I hear or read something that triggers a passionate response in me, or think of something really “smart” I want to record.
  • I open notepad and jot down my a quick passionate comprehensible only to me thought.
  • Then I pause and try to figure out how I want to finish it and, I guess, make it comprehensible to everyone else.
  • I am at a loss and decide to let it sit until I can think of something.
  • Come back in a day or two, and decide I don’t really need to post about whatever it was I was passionate about 2 days earlier.
  • Repeat.

Heck, I have not even been able to complete a “What am I playing now” post.  This makes me sad because I have been failing my personal goal of posting to my site regularly.    Thus I have decided to at least post a very “form letter” style “What I Played Last Week” post.  Like all my posts, these posts will be strictly for my benefit and allow me to keep a history of what I was playing.   Look forward to that very soon(tm)

PS:   I hate Jythri for re-subbing to WOW.   I hate him because now I want to re-sub to WoW, even though I know it will then drag me back into a “not smelling the roses” style of play that I burned out on.    I hate him because now he is taunting me about doing just that and that he knows  we always have so much fun when we play.   Grrrr

PSS:  I don’t really hate him.  I hate the fact that deep inside my head, I hear I little voice screaming to click the re-sub button.  “Come on, you know you want to do it.  Lots of people you know are playing.  The guild is still there, they like you.  Healers are always needed.  Do it. You know you…”  And so it trails on.

2 responses to “Blogging Block”

  1. You’re not the only one. I have tons of draft posts from a similar creative process. Well had, I recently went through and trashed most of them. Some of the posts, I couldn’t even remember what I wanted to say from the notes jotted in them. *shrug*

  2. Thanks Blue. It’s good to know I am not alone. Commenting on blog posts is another thing I am terrible at. So often I read a post and think “I totally agree.” or “You’re crazy.” and think I should comment about it when I get home. But I almost never do.

    So I apologize to all the authors of the blogs I read, I do enjoy your work but I am a lurker.

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