I’ve Been Playin’

Welcome to another episode of “What I’ve been playing.”

The last few weeks have been full of World of Warcraft goodness.  Its been a lot of fun to be back in and chatting with old friends, and just enjoying the game.  The key to this has been not raiding.

Sure I would love to see Ice Crown, or help guildies with Ulduar, but I have little patience for four hour focused intense sessions of play. Instead I have been enjoying popping in at lunch to do daily quests, jumping online before bed and running a quick dungeon, or even sneaking in a quick Battleground.   Good times.

I have also played a little bit of God of War 3. Though for some reason, which I have not yet figured out, I have not been drawn to play it. *shrug*

Unlike the last game I want to mention, Warstorm.  This is a Facebook collectible card game that has captivated me, its all about crafting your squads (decks) and watching them battle opponent squads.  It’s a great between tasks at work sort of game, but it does have the “please spend your money”  hooks.

That’s about it on the gaming front.

As for other entertainment, I wanted to mention that two weeks ago we officially (though minimally) entered the HDTV era.   I had been holding off on a new Tivo for a couple of years, but finally decided it was time.   I picked up a new Tivo Premier, and signed for Charter’s basic HD package.

Amazing.  Even on our 10 year old rear projection 1080i TV the picture quality is great, and we can not record 2 shows in HD at the same time on that machine, while the old tivo has become a dedicated kid show recorder!  I cann’t recommend Tivo enough.

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