Category: LOTRO

  • The Wednesday Wobble

    With each passing day I continue my plunge further and further into the depths of middle earth. I am on my fourth character, though my heart was never really into the third, and he just became a level 19 minstrel.  That matches the level of my champion whom I suspect will not see a […]

  • Operation Contacts 04

    This is part 4 of my ongoing “Operation Contacts” campaign. A campaign in which I am attempting to gather some contact info for real people at places I have either already sent resumes to, or places I am interested in working at. Today’s target: NCSoft West I have been impressed with many of the products […]

  • Wednesday Wobble

    Today in Middle earth I started yet another character, a minstrel named Bogindoc. That puts me at four created characters thus far on this venture into Lotro; a champion, huntress, rune keeper, and minstrel. I am impressed that even at the low levels they all play very differently, and that’s refreshing when I am swapping […]