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  • Dragon Age: Origins Day 1

    Yesterday Dragon Age: Origins was released and since I had it pre-loaded from Steam, I was ready to play when it unlocked.  Well I say ready to play , but what I really mean is I was ready to go OCD on acquiring my pre-order / collectors edition DLC. I was working when it […]

  • Sunday Drive

    I took a quick inventory of my entertainment activities in the last month and was a actually a bit surprised at what I have done. First, I played a month of retail Champions Online, I had fun but as I neared level 30 the game started to feel a bit stale. The worst part is […]

  • Gaming life and burnout

    World of Warcraft Burnout. My gaming life has been shaken up a bit lately. Fist I was starting to feel some serious WoW burnout right when Champions Online arrived.  Then I started a new job, and my gaming time went from anytime (for as long as I wanted), to only a few hours when […]

  • Alyxa “Patience” Marks, Champion

    I have little back stories for almost all of my MMO characters rattling around in my head. This time I thought I would take a quick bit of time and record a rough idea I have for my first Champions Online (retail) character. Captain Alyxa Marks, code named Patience for named for he ability to […]

  • Cryptic Restocks

    It appears that Cryptic is going to do the “right” thing and reinstate their pre-order specials until the previously announced deadline. This time with no supply limit. After further consideration, and to meet the needs of our community, we have decided to reinstate the Lifetime and 6-month subscription promotional programs with no supply limit until […]

  • My World of Warcraft Scrapbook: Chapter 1

    With all the Cataclysm expansion talk I started thinking back to some of my favorite WoW moments. It was then that I realized that I really should document them in some fashion; thus my World of Warcraft scrapbook was born. For my first entry, some thoughts on how my WoW time started.

  • Cryptic sold out.

    I was not actually considering a lifetime subscription to champions, but the six month offer was tempting. Apparently Cryptic made the decision for me, since they forgot to tell anyone until last night that there was only a limited supply of the special offers. Asking people to commit to something before being able to take […]

  • Champions Online Open Beta Part 3

    Day 3 Again with Costumes I started day three of the open beta with an attempt at recreating another one of my City of Heroes characters. It was… interesting. I find in many ways the Champions Costume editor to offer a broader variety of piece types, while at the same time feeling as though it […]