Tag: Champions Online

  • The Powerhouse

    I think all MMO players should at least try Champions Online to at least experience the Powerhouse. This is something which I feel any game that requires players to pick talents, abilities, skills, or what not should have something similar to. As with most MMOs as you gain levels you gain abilities and other improvements, […]

  • Some thoughts on a beta I can’t mention

    Champions Online Oops, I did mention it though I only do so because I waited until after the NDA dropped to publish this. Some notes: This is not a review or even a preview. It is simply practically a stream of consciousness list of my thoughts as I took a look at the game. The […]

  • Raiding Update

    Since its been almost two weeks since my last update, I figure it was time for another quick report. First up our time in … Ulduar 10 Great progress has been made! Our last two runs have ended with us standing in Yog’s run. The first time was just a fun run to see what […]

  • Thurday Thoughts

    I am in a game funk; well I guess its more like an MMO funk. The other night I was starring at my computer’s desktop, trying to decide which icon to click and none of the MMO icons appealed to me. My thought process was something like: WoW? Nope. Other than raid night, I only […]