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  • Cataclysmic Raids

    Wowhead posted some new information about the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm.  While I’m disappointed in the “Path of the Titans” loss, and not completely sold on their take on “Guild Leveling”, I was very happy to find this little nugget: Raid Lockouts Here’s another big change—they’ve added a great deal of flexibility to raid lockouts. Rather […]

  • Gaming life and burnout

    World of Warcraft Burnout. My gaming life has been shaken up a bit lately. Fist I was starting to feel some serious WoW burnout right when Champions Online arrived.  Then I started a new job, and my gaming time went from anytime (for as long as I wanted), to only a few hours when […]

  • Manic Monday

    Weekend Gaming While this weekend I spent most of my gaming time in wow, I did mange to squeeze out a little non-wow gaming. I started with Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway; why have I not played this before?  This game feels like a cake made by mixing some FPS with a puzzle game […]

  • Quick Ulduar 10 update

    Last night was one of our best Friday night runs yet. We downed the first eleven bosses, most in 1 attempt, and many in new record times. Though I was feeling sick the whole time and it got worse as the night went on, and I am not happy with my overall performance.  I […]

  • Raiding Update

    Since its been almost two weeks since my last update, I figure it was time for another quick report. First up our time in … Ulduar 10 Great progress has been made! Our last two runs have ended with us standing in Yog’s run. The first time was just a fun run to see what […]

  • Ulduar Progress

    I am very happy to report my Ulduar group had several new successes this week. The first was a success of speed.  Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, ignis, XT, Council of Iron, Kologarn, Auriaya, Hodir, Thorim, and Freya were all defeated in a single ~ four hour session. That is a new record for our group […]

  • Raiding Rut: Nax25

    Last night I was able to join a two guild joint venture into nax25. After six hours I had finally defeated all the bosses of this instance for the first time. Several previous times I had defeated various other bosses, but this was the first time I was able to experience the whole thing. At […]

  • The Raiding Rut

    I have attended all but one of my guild’s ulduar10 raids, most of which have been two nights of four hours. When we first started going I was a bit hesitant about the lack of exploration and learning due to the number of guides found online. I am happy to report I was wrong. For […]