Year: 2009

  • Back into the Everquest 2 Breach

    Yes it is true I am playing Everquest 2 once more. It all started a couple of weeks ago my wife and I chatted once again about playing an MMO together.  I thought for a bit about trying Everquest 2 with her, and when I looked at my account status I discovered Sony had reactivated […]

  • No casual play for me

    I wanted to spend a few hours a week with my wife playing together in an MMO; I wanted to experience the game together, encountering and overcoming challenges together.  We were talking about trying several different games including WoW. Then I realized something; I can not casually play World of Warcraft, at least not on […]

  • More Modern Warfare 2

    I have not been a competitive MP FPS player since my quake 3 days, so I am as surprised as anyone at the amount of CoD:MW2 I have been playing. It has some secret sauce tickles my gaming fancy enough that even though I am terrible (playing on the 360 makes me even worse), I […]

  • Thanksgiving Gaming

    This is a great year for Thanksgiving Gaming, one of the fullest I can recall in a long time. This week as I have been squeezing game time I have had to choose between several great games; Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed 2, and Modern Warfare 2. It could have been worse I could have bought […]

  • Dragon Age and Modern Warfare

    Over the last 10 days I have played a lot of Dragon Age, and enjoyed every minute. It is a fantastic game, full of so many things I like. I am sure I will write up all of my thoughts and comments after I finish this first play through.  All I wanted to say […]

  • Dragon Age: Origins Day 1

    Yesterday Dragon Age: Origins was released and since I had it pre-loaded from Steam, I was ready to play when it unlocked.  Well I say ready to play , but what I really mean is I was ready to go OCD on acquiring my pre-order / collectors edition DLC. I was working when it […]

  • Musing about computer upgrades.

    I was sitting around the other day thinking about upgrading to windows 7.  At home I have two computers I use daily, both have XP on them and my gaming machine also has Vista (via dual boot), all of them 32 bit versions.  If I take the plunge to Win7 I want to […]

  • Sunday Drive

    I took a quick inventory of my entertainment activities in the last month and was a actually a bit surprised at what I have done. First, I played a month of retail Champions Online, I had fun but as I neared level 30 the game started to feel a bit stale. The worst part is […]