Weak thoughts from the week.

I am still having trouble focusing on a single thought to bring to my blog, but I want to stay in the habit of writing something.  Thus after putting it off for a couple of days here are some more random thoughts from Me:

Dungeon and Dragons

Over the last couple of weeks I have had several conversations with people about D&D which has started me thinking again about running another regular play session.

See, I have enjoyed D&D from the day I was first introduced to it   And in the twenty five or so years since then the game has changed with each new version having a slightly different focus and feel but I have enjoyed them all.  Alas I have never enjoyed the game as much with strangers, as I have with people I already know.  Which is an issue because these days it is not an easy task to gather together those I know on a regular basis.

That frustration got me to wondering why Wizards of the Coast, have not released tools to allow games of 4e to be run completly online. Before 4e launched there was talk of such tools, but thus far none have appeared. It seems to me that even before the rules were finalized that the framework of virtual play could have been built; yet they have nothing.  If they really wanted to try and twart their digital competition, they would have had virtual play ready to sell at the launch of 4e.

I might often have “pie in the sky” ideas, and sometimes they are just crazy, but 4e + Online seems like a perfect match.


Apparently when reading about the next patch I missed the whole “Argent Tournament” content. I believe I just skipped over all the notes abou it thinking it was strictly pvp related, but its apparently not. I am going to have to do some more reading, but if there are daily quests and rewards that can advance my character I will be very happy.  Good to see that blizzard is offering more than just raid content in this patch.


While I am still having a whole lot of fun with the game, am fairly sure that having a regular duo partner has a dramatic effect on extending the fun.  Level 32 now and really looking forward to more exploring.

Random GDC thoughts

While I did not attend GDC, I did read over thousands of tweets, articles, and blog entries from the event. Here are some of my thoughts on the “news’ from the event.

GDC really should get the wireless internet coverage worked out. Attendees should be able to link up to the world in every room.

OnLive sounds too good to be true, so I am going to guess that its not true. Sure the tech exists, they demoed it, but that does not mean they can at an affordable cost roll that tech out to the masses in an acceptable way. That is for now.  I suspect that this a “cloud” processign might actually be a big part of future video, and gaming.

  • Wii gets more storage. Cool, but matters not to me, since I don’t own one.
  • Modern Warfare 2. *shrug*Â Was another squel ever in doubt?
  • Max Payne 3… hmm ok.
  • No ps3 price drop. I did not expect one, but there were rumors and now they are squashed.
  • Little Big Planet wins awards. *yawn* I have never been interested in the game, probably because I don’t have a ps3.
  • Fallout 3 wins Game of the Year. *Cheer* As much as I like the game, I was surprised based on the rest of the awards.
  • Lack of big news and announcements from MS and Sony. *sigh* GDC was not really for marketing peeps to hype stuff, it was for those in the trenches to get together and share knowledge.

And with that last comment, if I have a chance to read transcripts of listen to audio from some of the sessions I may comment some. Until then I say check out articles from those that were there. Thus far I have read about at least a few interesting or educational sessions I wish I could have attended.

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