Patch; I guess the game had a hole.

This week brought with it World of Warcraft’s patch 3.2, and with it some of the normal havoc big game patches bring. Even though I have not had a chance to really dig into everything new or changed,I have witnessed some pretty humorous gnashing of teeth and weeping.

Of course my opinions may change as I play a bit more with the “new rules’, but it seemed prudent for me to get my thoughts down after two nights of playing.

Poor DKs

I know and regularly play with several Death Knight, in particular DK tanks. They are players whom I know are good players, maybe not the best most hard core players, but good players. And them tanking the same things this week that we tanked last week is a different experience.

They got punched in the guy hard. No really, hard. Was the class as a whole that much better at tanking than the other tank classes? I normally run with either a Warrior, pally, or DK tank and before all three appeared to be able to handle the job.  Last night the DKs were struggling.

Changing course

Of course part of the problem could be their class changes along with all the other balance changes. For months the course was set and people had a good idea of what they needed to do to get there.  Well in a move reminiscent of the island in Lost, the target has moved.

And some people are more like big ships in the ocean; its going to take them some time to get turned and pointed toward the new target. Mix that with seriously class nerfs and raiding becomes a lot more difficult.  I expect that as these players adjust specs, gear, and tactics that they will once again be good tanks.


I love seeing people running 5 man’s again. And while I might not agree with the way bliz decided to correct the problem, I am happy to report that their change has sent people back to instances; at least for now.

New dailys and changes

It takes me a bit longer to get my set of dailys done, but I like having something to do when I log in solo. So thumbs up on the additions, and heck I think removing some questing overlap was good too. There is still a bit of overlap, but the old set up was just a bit too close to exploity.

New Raid and Instance

Sadly I have not had a chance yet to to check them out, but I hope to soon. I love seeing new places.


Thus far in a general sense I think while the DK nerf might have been a bit too much at once I think the patch as a whole is a good one.


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