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  • Patch; I guess the game had a hole.

    This week brought with it World of Warcraft’s patch 3.2, and with it some of the normal havoc big game patches bring. Even though I have not had a chance to really dig into everything new or changed,I have witnessed some pretty humorous gnashing of teeth and weeping. Of course my opinions may change as […]

  • The emblem issue arises again!

    Today brought with it the latest wow patch notes. Granted these are only patch notes for the test server and it is highly likely that they will change in some fashion. 3.2 offers a whole lot of neat little quality of life improvement, along with several nerfs; some that make me think I must not […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    I have had a bit of writers block this week, even though there has been plenty to chat about. I guess I just have not been able to gather any subset of my thoughts up into a cohesive chunk. So instead, since this is my blog and I can make up the rules, I am […]

  • Lotro Volume 2 Book 7, very soon.

    Looks as if the next Lord of the Rings Online content patch is going to go live next week. I have only briefly mentioned the patch in my posts for two reasons. First, and mostly, because I don’t have enough experience in the game to really understand how most of the changes will affect me. […]