Alpha Leaks + I’ve been Playing

I am back again, and with much less angst and apologies for my last post.  All my old frustration has been washed away by last weeks big news.

Cataclysm Alpha Leaks!

If you don’t want spoilers for the next World of Warcraft expansion, you should be careful about traveling to some of the popular WoW fan sites and blogs.  Last week the Friends and Family Alpha for Cataclysm started up and some people got their hands on the client and have been going crazy posting images pulled from it.

Since I don’t mind being spoiled, I could not resist the indulging in the information, and thus far I have not been disappointed.   The face of the old world is changing, in some major ways,  and I am encouraged to go back and visit some of my favorite (and not so favorite) locations; taking screenshots along the way.

I have also made a decision to put my plans to level up a shaman on hold, until I can do so with a Goblin. I am going to want to experience the leveling up process through the new world, and I think a shaman will be a great class to do it with since I can heal or DPS.

MMO-Champion currently has the largest compilation of information I have found, so if you want to spoil yourself head over there.

My Play List
Probably a surprise to no one,  I played a whole lot of World of Warcraft last week.  The highlights:

A second trip to ICC10
I was able to sub into my guild’s weekly ICC run and had a great time.  My first visit, with some alts,  took me up to Professor Putricide and I thought it was a good run.  That is until this last week, when in about just as much time this group sailed all the way up to before Sindragosa.  It was a blast.  I love running with people that have a clue.

More Rogue Leveling
My little Rogue is not up into her 50s and I have been having a blast with her.  I could be more efficient with her, and level her faster, but I am enjoying simply wandering around and doing blocks of quests.  I will be much more efficient with here when I hit Outland.

Shaking the Dust of my Pally
I have a confession to make. I have never been a tank.  For some reason I every character I have started with the intent of tanking has become either a healer or shelved.  My Blood Elf Pally has been resting unplayed in her high teens for years.  Until last week!

After talking with a few of my Raiding Pally friends I decided to at least try leveling up a pally and tanking some old instances.  Step one is complete, I have her UI set up and got here up to  level 26 so I can learn the basics of how to play her.   Step two will be to Tank and instance, and I hope to try that out this week.

While I have not been actively working to acquire dungeon & raid achievements, there are a few general achievements that my priest has been working on getting. I know its not the “smart” thing to do, but I enjoy having meta goals that I can slowly work toward while doing other things.

My Watch List
And I will end with a quick list of things I have been watching:

  • Lost : Only a few episodes left!
  • Castle
  • Mentalist
  • Buffy and Angel: I know I am a bit late to the party here, but I am finally watching all of these in order.  Its slow going, but I am really enjoying these shows.
  • Iron Man 2:  Yes I actually went to the movie theater!!  In fact, enjoyed the heck out of it.

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