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  • Thursday Thoughts

    Aion Beta I entered today’s Aion Beta with a lot of ignorance. What I mean is I have not been reading lots of Aion forums, studying web sites or researching items, quests, classes, etc. I came into the game relatively naive, which is an odd thing for me.  I met up with my friend […]

  • The emblem issue arises again!

    Today brought with it the latest wow patch notes. Granted these are only patch notes for the test server and it is highly likely that they will change in some fashion. 3.2 offers a whole lot of neat little quality of life improvement, along with several nerfs; some that make me think I must not […]

  • Questions about my gaming history

    Over the years when I have interviewed at game studios I almost always get asked a few questions that are used, I guess, to find out more about an applicants gaming history/passion.  For some reason these questions make me crazy, because they seem to me more like a question people would answer over coffee or […]

  • Friday Freakout

    City of Heroes Mission Architect Farming The CoH devs have decided to crack down on MA farming, specifically badge farming. To sum up their response; say bye bye to lots of current badges. My first gut reaction was, “ugh” removing content from a game = bad. Then I started to come around a bit. Only […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    Today I saw a tweet from a friend of mine, @dlangar , asking the world, “*can* a dev or journalism site shape the attitude of it’s community, or past a certain point is it beyond its control?” I was behind on my internet reading and before I could even respond he had written a blog […]

  • You got your story in my shooter!

    Call of Duty 4, xbox360 When Call of Duty 4 was released a lot of people I know told me I needed to play it, so I borrowed a 360copy and gave it a try. It seemed alright, but all it did was reinforce my belief that I suck at console FPSs. Actually, my thought […]

  • Quests Quests Quests

    I know lots of bloggers and wow fan sites have already discussed Jeff Kaplan’s GDC09 session about quests and quest design, but after reading several accounts I am compelled to make some comments of my own. First I strongly suggest you read some of the accounts; here are two WoWinsider , IGN The first thing […]

  • Weak thoughts from the week.

    I am still having trouble focusing on a single thought to bring to my blog, but I want to stay in the habit of writing something.  Thus after putting it off for a couple of days here are some more random thoughts from Me: