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  • The Raiding Rut

    I have attended all but one of my guild’s ulduar10 raids, most of which have been two nights of four hours. When we first started going I was a bit hesitant about the lack of exploration and learning due to the number of guides found online. I am happy to report I was wrong. For […]

  • Monday Madness

    There has been a lot of news the last few weeks, and most of it covered sufficently by the big sites, more “real” bloggers, and the twitterverse. Thus every time I have sat down to try and write a post I have stopped by thinking, “This has been talked about enough by others, and I […]

  • The emblem issue arises again!

    Today brought with it the latest wow patch notes. Granted these are only patch notes for the test server and it is highly likely that they will change in some fashion. 3.2 offers a whole lot of neat little quality of life improvement, along with several nerfs; some that make me think I must not […]

  • Tuesday Tidbit

    Feeling Powerful Last night I decided to give one of my wow alts some attention. I had a level 5 Blood Elf Rogue sitting at Falconwing Square and I decided to load her up with bags, the Heirloom shoulders and Heirloom daggers (enchanted of course).  Over the course of the evening I played her […]

  • Start of April News

    Below are some items I found of particular interest today. I will post more as I find them but there is no telling how long these links will be valid so get them fast. Lotro lore breach? The Daiblo 3 Archivist Qualcomm’s convergance Interactive Portal shirts Unicorn Chaser Tauntaun Sleeping bag Alpine legend CADIE and […]

  • Weak thoughts from the week.

    I am still having trouble focusing on a single thought to bring to my blog, but I want to stay in the habit of writing something.  Thus after putting it off for a couple of days here are some more random thoughts from Me:

  • Monday Madness: mods & addons

    *sigh, rant on* Hello, I am an add-on addict. If a game allows modding of any sort, I seem drawn to them and in some cases find it hard to play the game with out them.  I have always thought games were made better or at least had their lifespans increased by allowing the […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    I have had a bit of writers block this week, even though there has been plenty to chat about. I guess I just have not been able to gather any subset of my thoughts up into a cohesive chunk. So instead, since this is my blog and I can make up the rules, I am […]