Tag: World of Warcraft

  • Sunday Drive

    A sad fact; I have not logged into the Lotro in almost 5 days. I say sad, because when I came back to the game I was so excited I was playing multiple characters at various times. Logging in several times a day, everyday. I knew when I started that it, even if I sometimes […]

  • Weak thoughts from the week.

    I am still having trouble focusing on a single thought to bring to my blog, but I want to stay in the habit of writing something.  Thus after putting it off for a couple of days here are some more random thoughts from Me:

  • Monday Madness: mods & addons

    *sigh, rant on* Hello, I am an add-on addict. If a game allows modding of any sort, I seem drawn to them and in some cases find it hard to play the game with out them.  I have always thought games were made better or at least had their lifespans increased by allowing the […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    I have had a bit of writers block this week, even though there has been plenty to chat about. I guess I just have not been able to gather any subset of my thoughts up into a cohesive chunk. So instead, since this is my blog and I can make up the rules, I am […]

  • Thursday Thoughts: Tokens and Badges and Emblems, oh my!

    Disclaimer: This is a rant, and a bit of QQ on my part.  It is also a bit long winded, which will seem very normal for those who know me. If you want “the point” then jump to the full post and read the last section. My History A quick trip in the not […]