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  • My look back at 2009

    I thought a lot this week about my 2009 games of the year, as I saw gaming sites all over the internet posting their lists in various different formats.   I was going to skip the whole thing, because I did not want to be a “me too” poster.  Then I took a pause today and […]

  • Gaming life and burnout

    World of Warcraft Burnout. My gaming life has been shaken up a bit lately. Fist I was starting to feel some serious WoW burnout right when Champions Online arrived.  Then I started a new job, and my gaming time went from anytime (for as long as I wanted), to only a few hours when […]

  • My World of Warcraft Scrapbook: Chapter 1

    With all the Cataclysm expansion talk I started thinking back to some of my favorite WoW moments. It was then that I realized that I really should document them in some fashion; thus my World of Warcraft scrapbook was born. For my first entry, some thoughts on how my WoW time started.

  • Weekend Roundup

    There were a few big things that caught my attention this weekend. Champions part 4 There have been some significant changes in Champion Online over the course of the last four days. First it appears that they fixed the teleport Travel Power bug, which makes it usable. Yay. Second there have been many quest bugs […]

  • Manic Monday

    Weekend Gaming While this weekend I spent most of my gaming time in wow, I did mange to squeeze out a little non-wow gaming. I started with Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway; why have I not played this before?  This game feels like a cake made by mixing some FPS with a puzzle game […]

  • Patch; I guess the game had a hole.

    This week brought with it World of Warcraft’s patch 3.2, and with it some of the normal havoc big game patches bring. Even though I have not had a chance to really dig into everything new or changed,I have witnessed some pretty humorous gnashing of teeth and weeping. Of course my opinions may change as […]

  • My Priest QQ

    Before I get really going on my rant, I need to remind anyone visiting why I write this blog. This is a place for me to record my thoughts and opinions on things, so I can make sure I get them recoded. Today’s topic is a bit of reflecting on how I feel about blizzard’s […]

  • Quick Ulduar 10 update

    Last night was one of our best Friday night runs yet. We downed the first eleven bosses, most in 1 attempt, and many in new record times. Though I was feeling sick the whole time and it got worse as the night went on, and I am not happy with my overall performance.  I […]