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  • City guy.

    I have know for most of my life that I am a city guy. Not really a “big city guy” but the moderate sized urban areas fit me a bit more than the no one (or nothing) for miles country. Today we took a trip out to my wife’s mother’s new place, they moved out […]

  • What am I going to do with those?

    I walked through my house yesterday, trying to imagine what things are going to be like a year from now when the number of residents here has increased by one. Our house has three bedrooms; my wife and I have the big one, the second is used as our computer room (really its my play […]

  • The Flurry Axe

    Not nearly as exciting as finding out that my wife is pregnant, but tonight I saw my second epic loot drop in WoW. The first were my gloves, Gloves of Holy Might, and tonight my regular gamming group found a Flurry Axe. Off a scorpid, no less. I think our warrior shed a tear of […]

  • Baby

    It is now offical. I alluded to it in my first post: I am going to be a daddy. My wife tested last friday, but I did not want to believe it until her doctor confirmed it for me. Now it is confirmed and I am bit crazy. Priase God!

  • Games. . .

    I love games. Board games, card games, role play games, video games, computer games. Now I am not a big sports player, but I do enjoy watching a game hear or there. Over the course of these entries I am sure I will talk about games, probably to the point of making my self a […]

  • Testing the waters.

    *waves*Back again, this time to test updating from my office.My office has issues with the internet. I think certain people in a place of decision making, are afraid of the internet. Or at least allowing employess access to some of the internet’s features. This means when I have trouble accessing something, such as this blog, […]

  • Beginning

    While I have before kept a diary, journal, or semi updated web page I finally decided to give blogging a chance. It seems strange to me that I did not jump into this much earlier. *shrug* Oh well. I have suddenly felt the need to not just chronicle thoughts, but to in a way speak […]