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  • Alpha Leaks + I’ve been Playing

    I am back again, and with much less angst and apologies for my last post.  All my old frustration has been washed away by last weeks big news. Cataclysm Alpha Leaks! If you don’t want spoilers for the next World of Warcraft expansion, you should be careful about traveling to some of the popular WoW […]

  • Dear Blog, I need to rant.

    Dear Blog, I hope you don’t mind listening, but I feel I need to unload and you have always been a good shoulder for me to cry on. But the last couple of weeks have been exceptional.  I know I told you I was playing World of Warcraft again. I have been really enjoying my […]

  • I’ve Been Playin’

    Welcome to another episode of “What I’ve been playing.” The last few weeks have been full of World of Warcraft goodness.  Its been a lot of fun to be back in and chatting with old friends, and just enjoying the game.  The key to this has been not raiding. Sure I would love to see […]

  • What I’ve Been Playing

    Last week our family had to face the death of our long time canine companion, and that event weighed me down a lot.  In response this week consisted of a bit less “playing” and a bit more sleeping, though here is my quick list of things I played last week. Everquest 2 I toyed around […]

  • Blogging Block

    Lately It’s been hard for me to actually finish a blog post. Here is what generally happens: I hear or read something that triggers a passionate response in me, or think of something really “smart” I want to record. I open notepad and jot down my a quick passionate comprehensible only to me thought. Then […]

  • Gaming life and burnout

    World of Warcraft Burnout. My gaming life has been shaken up a bit lately. Fist I was starting to feel some serious WoW burnout right when Champions Online arrived.  Then I started a new job, and my gaming time went from anytime (for as long as I wanted), to only a few hours when […]

  • My World of Warcraft Scrapbook: Chapter 1

    With all the Cataclysm expansion talk I started thinking back to some of my favorite WoW moments. It was then that I realized that I really should document them in some fashion; thus my World of Warcraft scrapbook was born. For my first entry, some thoughts on how my WoW time started.

  • Manic Monday

    Weekend Gaming While this weekend I spent most of my gaming time in wow, I did mange to squeeze out a little non-wow gaming. I started with Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway; why have I not played this before?  This game feels like a cake made by mixing some FPS with a puzzle game […]