Tag: World of Warcraft

  • Raiding Update

    Since its been almost two weeks since my last update, I figure it was time for another quick report. First up our time in … Ulduar 10 Great progress has been made! Our last two runs have ended with us standing in Yog’s run. The first time was just a fun run to see what […]

  • Taking heat for dissecting a game

    Over the last couple of days there has been a bit a stir in the MMO blogging community, mostly because of a post on Wolfshead Online where he decided to take a critical look at EQ2’s first 15 minutes. I love this kind of post, because I enjoy when people really look at a specific […]

  • Zombiefest

    Tonight a few of my guildmates and I decided to take a few minutes and get the Zombiefest achievement. I had no idea it would lead to such a marvelous parade of undead. Screenshots after the jump.

  • The Raiding Rut

    I have attended all but one of my guild’s ulduar10 raids, most of which have been two nights of four hours. When we first started going I was a bit hesitant about the lack of exploration and learning due to the number of guides found online. I am happy to report I was wrong. For […]

  • Monday Madness

    There has been a lot of news the last few weeks, and most of it covered sufficently by the big sites, more “real” bloggers, and the twitterverse. Thus every time I have sat down to try and write a post I have stopped by thinking, “This has been talked about enough by others, and I […]

  • The emblem issue arises again!

    Today brought with it the latest wow patch notes. Granted these are only patch notes for the test server and it is highly likely that they will change in some fashion. 3.2 offers a whole lot of neat little quality of life improvement, along with several nerfs; some that make me think I must not […]

  • Tuesday Tidbit

    Feeling Powerful Last night I decided to give one of my wow alts some attention. I had a level 5 Blood Elf Rogue sitting at Falconwing Square and I decided to load her up with bags, the Heirloom shoulders and Heirloom daggers (enchanted of course).  Over the course of the evening I played her […]

  • Thurday Thoughts

    I am in a game funk; well I guess its more like an MMO funk. The other night I was starring at my computer’s desktop, trying to decide which icon to click and none of the MMO icons appealed to me. My thought process was something like: WoW? Nope. Other than raid night, I only […]