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  • Dear Blog, I need to rant.

    Dear Blog, I hope you don’t mind listening, but I feel I need to unload and you have always been a good shoulder for me to cry on. But the last couple of weeks have been exceptional.  I know I told you I was playing World of Warcraft again. I have been really enjoying my […]

  • I’ve Been Playin’

    Welcome to another episode of “What I’ve been playing.” The last few weeks have been full of World of Warcraft goodness.  Its been a lot of fun to be back in and chatting with old friends, and just enjoying the game.  The key to this has been not raiding. Sure I would love to see […]

  • What I’ve Been Playing

    Last week our family had to face the death of our long time canine companion, and that event weighed me down a lot.  In response this week consisted of a bit less “playing” and a bit more sleeping, though here is my quick list of things I played last week. Everquest 2 I toyed around […]

  • What I’ve Been Playing

    This is my first new “What I’ve Been Playing” update. The first of I what I hope many regular updated, but we shall see. Everquest 2 While I have several characters on two accounts, I am still a very casual player.  I have one pair of characters, a conjurer and Templar, that I play most […]

  • Blogging Block

    Lately It’s been hard for me to actually finish a blog post. Here is what generally happens: I hear or read something that triggers a passionate response in me, or think of something really “smart” I want to record. I open notepad and jot down my a quick passionate comprehensible only to me thought. Then […]

  • PS3 Outage

    Last week I realized there are finally enough exclusive PS3 game that I want to play to make me I decided it was time to get one.   So check at my local Best Buy while I was there picking up some printer ink; OUT OF STOCK.   The next day I check Target; OUT OF STOCK.  […]

  • Two Months into 2010

    Time slips by so quickly. We are two months through 2010, and I am way overdue on an update.   I don’t really have a topic, so just started typing. I am still free from World of Warcraft, and thus taking the time to play a lot of other games.  Some of the games I have […]

  • Seven Bruises of STO Beta

    This past weekend I gave a few more hours of time to playing the Star Trek Online open beta.  While I have enjoyed some parts of the game, there is an uncanny valley between the game Cryptic is offering and the Trek game I would love. Anyhow, there are a few things I encountered  over […]